Social programs

The social mission of JSC Aviastar-SP is in assistance of employees wellbeing and increase of employees welfare. Caring for each specialist plays a priority role in the solution of social problems.

The administration of the enterprise considers that the main task in the sphere of social policy is creation of conditions for effective work of employees, their professional growth, providing possibilities for worthy earnings and production cultural development.

Development of social programs at the enterprise assumes realization of the priority directions in the sphere of health care, education, youth policy, shelter provision of the enterprise employees.

Social character payments increase every year. Major contribution to these payments are: financial support to the lower-income groups, having many children, needy parents, to the parents who have children with limited possibilities, payments to the workers who have reached anniversary age, to pensioners in connection with a retirement, payment to women of child care leaves. The guaranteed temporary disability allowance, pregnancy and childbirth benefits, at the birth of the child are paid from fund of social insurance in due time Sanatorium vouchers are given to personnel working in harmful working conditions. Other grants provided by legislative documents of the Russian Federation and the Collective agreement of the enterprise are also allocated.

According to events for 2012-2014 the budget of external and internal social expenses is made and social comprehensive programs are developed:

  • the Care program within actions of Council of veterans (social support of veterans of the Second World War and work, soldiers of internationalists, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident);
  • the Family program – the means planned for implementation of this program, are directed on improvement of financial position of needing workers.

Management of development and personnel training traditionally successfully realizes the urgency of social projects, both new, and realized at the enterprise.

Programs of enterprise employees’ improvement, the organization of cultural leisure and personnel rest, providing and motherhood supports, a complex of compensations and measures of material stimulation, the program of improvement of enterprise employees’ living conditions are also belong to them.