Work payment

"Aviastar-SP" guarantees the payment of the employee, depending on skill, complexity, quality and conditions of work, as well as payment of compensation and incentive-based. Material incentives are implemented, the system of the Regulations on bonuses of all categories of staff. Develop and introduce new and effective incentives for the implementation of strategic objectives.

In general, labor motivation is developed in three directions:

  • the development and introduction of modern economic incentives, special interests;
  • management professional qualifications and professional development of staff officers;
  • introduction of new methods and systems for training and staff development. 

Wages generally consists of: 

  • payment by the wage (salary), on piece-rates;
  • surcharges for special working conditions (in the presence of hazardous working conditions for working in multi-shift, with the combination of professions);
  • incentives for the end of the month (up 40%);
  • individual bonuses and other incentive payments due to labor laws, local regulations (regulations) and the Collective Agreement.

Introduced a system of allowances and bonuses to the tariff rate (salary) qualified workers for professional excellence, quality products, for the development of related professions, for workers in hazardous conditions, for working in multi-shift operation, in the evening and night shifts, for the combination of professions and other indicators.

Goes to the individual motivation for contracts with qualified project managers for major projects in the developed strategy "Aviastar - SP."

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