Working conditions

Administration "Aviastar-SP" organization system implemented safe work places, health and safety of employees at work in accordance with the regulations of the Health and Safety of the Russian Federation and the International Standards. The present structure of the service, Chief Engineer for the protection, safety and environment. Currently implemented lean-technologies that can be more economical to arrange jobs and rational use of working time. Implemented a range of measures to ensure the rights of workers on health and safety. 

Provided the employee's right to work, and the conditions that meet safety and hygiene:

  • compulsory social insurance against accidents; 
  • obtain reliable information about the risk of injury to health and for the protection from harmful or dangerous production factors; 
  • certification of the working conditions at workplaces;
  • conducting preliminary at entry and periodically during employment of preventive medical examinations at the expense of JSC "Aviastar-SP";
  • providing certified personal and collective defense in accordance with the requirements of the labor at the expense of JSC "Aviastar - SP"; 
  • training in safe methods and techniques of work;
  • introduced a four-stage system of monitoring safety in the enterprise; 
  • free supply of dairy products and a health care power to work in hazardous conditions;
  • sanitary and health-care services;
  • a system of incentives for working in hazardous conditions (reduced working hours, additional vacation, wage supplements); 
  • control of security on the part of public authorities. 

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