Technical rearmament program is rapidly picking up speed at JSC «Aviastar-SP». Scientific and technical revolution in aviation began already in the late 90-ies. A switch to digital technologies became its main driving force.

Earlier designing lofts were applied at the beginning stage of aircraft construction.These were main media, on which aircraft construction elements in actual size were drawn. There are lofts, that were drawn on films- with ink, by hand. Modern aviation plants have already stepped aside from this technology. Nowadays work is being done only with digital information at «Aviastar». And modernized Ту-204СМ and Ил-476 are being prepared to be manufactured without models, but based on digital electronic models.

Digital technologies are used at «Aviastar» at all aircraft manufacture stages, beginning with designing. Heavy advantage of electronic modeling technologies usage is a significant quality increase of manufactured aviation technique due to single information source usage. All general product manufacture cycle is decreased.  Time economy is about 30 %.

Aircraft  assembly

At this stage a completely different approach to assembly equipment manufacture has appeared. With the help of laser equipment installation is made very precise. Up-to-date ship-ways provide nowadays not only precision, but also repeatability- this kind of ship-way condition is easy to test. And it is easy to adjust, if it has lost precise parameters. With introduction of up-to-date milling equipment with 9 meters table, possibility to manufacture a lot of ship-way and assembly equipment elements with higher precision will appear.

Quality control

Technical revolution changed quality control system. There is no need to measure with the help of slide gage nowadays. The detail is set on control and measure machine of Italian manufacture now. The program is loaded, control points are measured automatically and compared with given tolerances.
The process of aircraft testing is also changed. Mostly it concerns radio navigation equipment and electronics. Ground automation control stations are bought to «Aviastar». They are connected to board net, gather information, check parameters- and all this without human participation.
New «Gemcors», milling processing centers, presses for casing manufacture and other up-to-date machines for details manufacture on digital technologies appear at the plant every year.

«Aviastar» entered special purpose defense complex support program, within the limits of which the government contributes money into technical rearmament. Now the first stage of its realization is finishing. On the second stage a series of unique machines acquisition for blanking and stamping and mechanic processing departments has been planned. Even today the plant buys best technologies, realized mostly with the help of foreign equipment- these are American, Japanese, Czech, German and French producers.