• 08/27/2013

    528208462ffdceffa34cfc6263bc00ee.JPGAugust 27, 2013, Zhukovsky. For the first time aircraft Il-76МД-90А produced at by ZAO “Aviastar-SP” participated in the MAKS-2013 flight program. On the air show opening day the aircraft carried out a demonstration flight operated by Hero of Russia Nikolay Kuimov as a crew commander. On completion of the flight program Il-76MD-90A will be on static display during the whole MAKS-2013 period.

    The Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of the well known aircraft Il-76. Aircraft designer is OAO “Aviation Complex named after S.V. Ilyushin”, Russia. The new flight navigation complex, the automatic control system, the communication equipment and the “glass” cockpit meet all aircraft avionics requirements and significantly increase flight safety, navigation and landing accuracy. The replacement of standard engines D-30KP2 with more modern engines PS-90A-76, installation of the modified wing and reinforced landing gears extend the aircraft performance. The Il-76MD-90A demonstration flight was held in October 2012 simultaneously with signing a contract between OAO “UAC” and Ministry of Defense of Russia for delivery of 39 aircraft. At present, the aircraft joint state flight tests are held. The first experimental group of the aircraft is now being manufactured at the ZAO “Aviastar-SP” production facility and the production rates increase program is being accomplished.