• 12/01/2014

    The opening ceremony of the International Aviation Congress took place on the territory of CJSC Aviastar-SP in the framework of IATF-2014.

    The ceremony began with a welcome of first persons, among whom were the commander of the military transport aircraft of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation V.Benediktov, Deputy Head Rosaviation O.Starchevoy, Assistant to the Plenipotentionary Representative of the President in the PF O.Mashkovtsev, the Governor of Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

    - We are happy that we have managed to create a powerful platform where current issues of aviation are discussed, important decisions are made and the most significant events are noted, - said S. Morozov. – This year the central theme of the forum will be the general and transport aircraft. I sincerely hope that the events that are declared in the IATF-2014 program will help to build close cooperation between aviation companies in Russia and abroad.

    During the day experts will discuss current issues of the aviation industry, including the serial production of the Il-76MD-90A aircraft. In the framework of the forum Aviastar-SP will present Il-76MD-90A, Tu-204 and An-124-100 ‘Ruslan’.

    «It’s absolutely clear that Aviastar-SP is ready for the production of a new Il-76MD-90A. Moreover it’s ready to increase the pace of production. This plane is very useful for us, and I’m sure that the contract will be fulfilled», - said the commander of the military transport aircraft of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation Vladinir Benediktov.

    The company for the third time opened its doors to all the guests and participants of the significant for Russian and global aviation industry forum. Dozens of delegations from around the world visited the forum, among whom are aircraft manufacturers, airlines, investors, representatives of the authorities.

    For 3 days of IATF-2014 dozens of conferences, business meetings, discussions and round tables will be held. The main topics of discussion will be the training for aviation, maintenance and repairing of aircraft, regional passenger and cargo transportation, production models in the global aviation industry.

    It is expected that in 3 days the forum will visit more than 2000 guests.