The Tu-204-300A aircraft are used for carriage of passengers on domestic and international air routes exceeding 9000 km. The aircraft is equipped with a higher level comfort cabin with a conference room for VIP passengers and their escorts. 


Crew  3
Maximum takeoff weight, t 105.0
Maximum payload, t 2.5
Maximum fuel quantity, t 42.16
Cruise speed, km/h 810-850
Flight range with maximum payload, km 9000
Type of engine                                      
Two ПСЧ-90A engines
Landing category II
Quantity x thrust (tf)  2х16.0
Cruise flight thrust (tf) 3.5

In 2009, a VIP class aircraft Tu-204-300A was produced based on Tu-204-300 with its passenger cabin designed in the “flying apartments” class version to provide maximum rest comfort conditions both in flight and on the ground. The aircraft is certified according to the AP-25 rules.
On the 26th of December 2009 the Tu-204-300A aircraft successfully accomplished its long non-stop flight on the route Ulyanovsk-Chita-Ulyanovsk and achieved the assigned by its technical task flight range of 9600 km, the flight duration to make up 12 hours 5 minutes, with the number of passengers as assigned. That was a record for the passenger aircraft of this class.
Because of the extended flight range a separate by-crew compartment is equipped on the lavish scale. There are two shower booths and stationary full size double beds. In the Tu-204-300A, new design solutions in cabin lighting were applied for the first time in domestic practices. A changeable color palette of LEDs was used that provides for color and the luminous flux heat change depending either on the wish of passengers or according to the program to make the flight for passengers more comfortable.
A four-channel satellite telephone and Internet communications system with distribution of Internet connectors among the passenger seats is installed in the aircraft. The above said telephone facilities make it possible to provide a good communication for the user on the ground to each particular passenger. The telephone units are installed in all cabins – from the cockpit to the aft cabin. The satellite communication system provides for flight data transfer to the base airport in automatic mode (ACARS). In the conference room it is possible to held video conferences to the Earth displaying them on the big airborne monitors. The Airshow, audio and video facilities are also available.
Various possibilities for rest and relaxation are available in the lengthy flights. In the forward fuselage section in the First class cabin the transformer-tables are installed that allow alongside with the descending seat armrests to form big even surfaces for night rest arrangement. In the aft section, the seats are installed that can fold to horizontal position. Besides that, all seats have seatbacks declining to big angles allowing passengers to rest in the comfortable position.