Tu-204-100C, a cargo aircraft of a new generation, developed on the basis of the state-of-the –art passenger aircraft Tu-204-100, is equipped with up-to-date economical operation engines PS-90A and is intended for transportation of cargoes up to 30 tons in the world class containers on the air routes up to 3 900 km and of cargoes up to 15 tons to the distance of 7 200 km.
Having absorbed the best achievements of the Russian new generation aircraft, Tu-204-100C is a result of a successful cooperation between OAO ”Tupolev” and ZAO”Aviastar-SP” with its vast aircraft production experience.

Aircraft of a new generation

The aircraft Tu-204-100C competitiveness, high efficiency in service and high flight performance are due to:

  • State-of-the-art aerodynamic configuration
  • High standard aerodynamic quality
  • Perfect airframe and equipment systems structure
  • State-of-the-art economical engines

The Tu-204-100C aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art powerful and economical operation engines PS-90A manufactured by OAO “Perm Motor Works”, a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia:

  • PS-90A is a turbofan two-shaft engine with a high by-pass ratio with shifted air and gases flow, a common jet nozzle and a thrust reverser
  • Several technical solutions aimed at achieving high economy efficiency and weight perfection have been incorporated within the engine design structure.


Maximum takeoff weight, t  110,75
Maximum payload, t 30
Maximum fuel reserve, t 35,71
Cruise speed, km/h 830-850
Cruising altitude, km 8,1-12,1
Flight range with maximum payload/maximum fuel reserve, km  3 900/7 000
Two turbofan engines PS-90A
Quantity x thrust, tf 2 x 16.0
Landing category II
Aerodrome class B


The Tu-204-100C cargo aircraft manufactured by ZAO “Aviastar-SP” as well as engines PS-90A (OAO “Aviadvigatel”, Perm) are certified by AR IAC and fully comply with international requirements regarding perceivable noise and emission. 


The cockpit is developed on the basis of up-to-date ergonomic and design solutions based on using electronic indication and flight control automation means.

Lodging standard pallets

 The main cargo deck is equipped with a loading/unloading system B1965-20 of ANCRA (USA).

  • Cargo cabin capacity – 164.4 m3(5800 ft3)
  • Forward baggage-cargo compartment – 15.3 m3(520 ft3)
  • Aft baggage-cargo compartment – 26.4 m3(1000 ft3)

Opening dimensions:

  • Cargo door – 3408 x 2080 mm (134x82 in)
  • Forward baggage-cargo compartment door 1350 x 1162 mm (53x48 in)
  • Aft baggage-cargo compartment door 1350 x 1162 mm (53x48 in)

Height from ground to sill:

  • Cargo door – 3 890 mm (13 ft)
  • Forward baggage-cargo compartment door – 2 520 mm (8 ft) 
  • Aft baggage-cargo compartment door 2 520 mm (8 ft)

Long-size cargo arrangement variants

  • The long-size cargo transportation is carried out on standard pallets with cargo fixed to pallets.
  • The maximum lengthwise size of the cargo is 10 m (394 in). One long-size cargo can be installed on 2, 3 or 4 pallets.
  • The weight of one long-size piece is up to 3100 kg.