Cooperation for the production of parts, components and assemblies for aircraft

As part of the United Aircraft korporatsiipo increase the production of civil aircraft, in order to make the area directly below the assembly of aircraft, "Aviastar-SP", which is part of the UAC, the production output of the component is outsourced, which will reduce the unit costs of production.

Have already taken the first steps to organize sites for the production of hydraulic cylinders and ball-screw mechanisms in enterprises producing similar products commercially. Work is underway on cooperation between aircraft building enterprises belonging to the KLA, the manufacture of parts, components and assemblies.

At the moment, "Aviastar-SP" is ready to cooperate with its partners, able to carry out work on the production of mechanical parts and components, as well as units for aircraft.

In that case, if your company is interested in attracting orders for machining and a fleet of lathes, CNC milling machines, jig - boring equipment, and also has the ability to provide the requirements for heat treatment and electroplating parts "Aviastar-SP" stands ready to provide CD for the preliminary study of the possibility and the calculation of the cost of manufacturing.

Of great interest is the normalized production of fasteners and other products (locks, clamps, springs, nipples, etc.).

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