Manufacture of products of the aviation industry and general engineering nesamoletnoy subject to third-party companies

"Aviastar-SP" has a capacity that can be used to manufacture products for any purpose and of any complexity, including for the manufacture of blanks and components for cooperation with other aircraft manufacturers and machine-building enterprises.

The available equipment allows "Aviastar-SP" to produce the machining of large parts, manufacturing units, assemblies and subassemblies to complete processing chain - from procurement operations to finishing operations, and various coatings. Manufacture of medium and large-sized frame and body parts, bulk and vykleechnoy snap of aluminum and titanium alloys on high multistage 3-and 5-axis equipment (milling, drilling, boring, threading). Dimensions parts to 2500h4000h1000 mm. The precision of the geometric elements of the details and their relative position + / - 0.05 mm. It is possible to perform classroom holes up to 100 mm and above the seventh accuracy degree of accuracy.

Integrated processing and manufacture of parts of the profiles, as well as extruded and rolled slabs of aluminum and titanium alloys with up to 14 000 mm. Processing is performed on high multistage 5-axis equipment (milling, drilling, boring, threading).

Of particular interest may be the manufacture of basic metals "Aviastar-SP", which is able to perform the work and services of high quality for outside organizations on the orders of the aviation and general engineering orientation.


Telephone Supply and other sales of "Aviastar-SP":

+7 (8422) 28-21-50, +7 (8422) 27-07-07

Fax: +7 (8422) 28-02-37


List of works:

Shut down

  1. Precise Steel (iron) castings weighing up to 10 kg (dimensions to 200h100h100 mm) - 100 tons / year, small-scale production.
  2. Chill casting of aluminum alloys (3 die casting machine) weighing up to 6.0 kg - 60 t / year.
  3. Casting in sand form:
    • Aluminum alloys up to 30 kg (dimensions to 800h500h200 mm) - 100 tons / year, small-scale production and the individual
    •  Alloys of iron up to 20 kg (dimensions to 400h300h200 mm) - 100 tons / year, small-scale production and the individual
  4. Single casting for special orders (form blocks, reliefs, busts, etc.)
  5. Manufacturing of special equipment for casting in sand form and precision steel castings.
  6. Manufacture of steel forgings, titanium and aluminum alloys up to 5 kg, 1 m, 2 m swage.
  7. Installing a hot landing bolts of steel alloys
    • Bolt size f. from 10 mm to 25 mm
    • The size of the bolt head from 18 mm to 36 mm
    • L до 250 mm
  8. Conducting various types of control:
    • Input control of metallurgical semi using mechanical tests, spectral and chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, corrosion testing
    • Technological control of the manufacture of parts, rapid quality control of heat treatment and coatings, rapid analysis of the smelting, quality molding compounds
    • Non-destructive testing: capillary, ultrasonic, magnetic, eddy-current, x-ray
  9. Manufacture of steel alloy forgings - body rotation to 7 kg, GCM-630.
  10. Manufacture of forgings made ​​of steel, titanium and aluminum alloys up to 80 kg and dimensions of not more than 400h350h200 - hammer forging - 250 kg, 400 kg, 2 m, 3 m
  11. Cementation, azototirovanie, tempering steel, alloys (including Bystrorez) and other types of heat treatment.
  12. Various types of protective coatings: anodizing, cadmium plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, paint coating of aluminum parts as well as finished products and large aggregates.


To address the placement of orders created the service, within which there is a division on working orders and contracts to engineering products.
For order fulfillment uses modern equipment, aviation technology, and highly skilled workers. Among our customers there are both small firms and auto giants, government organizations and private entrepreneurs. If you need high-quality products, you can also become a member.

To place an order at our company, you need to send any kind of communication (mail, fax, E-mail) an application letter with a list of products, the number and date of manufacture. Please attach drawings or sketches, but, if necessary, we can work on your drawings, you provide samples. Be sure to leave your contact details for feedback.

Our experts have worked for your request for the possibility of making our company and determine the approximate price, and then contact you for further negotiations and the conclusion of the contract. We hope for successful cooperation.

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    Cooperation on details, units and aggregates production for aircraft.


  • Equipment for sale

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  • Reversible devices and nozzles production

    ’Aviastar-SP’ in conjunction with AM and RC ‘Aviaservice’ performs repair and replacement work and spares delivery.