Service maintenance

“Aviastar-SP” together with his daughter companies provides full-scale service maintenance of the aircraft:

  • Accomplishment of aircraft maintenance work;
  • Warranty support of the aircraft produced by “Aviastar-SP”;
  • Accomplishment of restoration and repair work and delivery of spare parts;
  • Modification work according to bulletins, design documentation;
  • Aircraft upgrading.

Aircraft maintenance

Shut down

The maintenance of the aircraft produced by “Aviastar-SP” is carried out by a daughter company – the Closed Joint-Stock Company “Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center – Aviaservice”.

The Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center (AM and RC) is in charge of all kinds of maintenance services for the aircraft manufactured by “Aviastar-SP”, Il-76TD, B-300, prescribed by “Maintenance Schedules” for each particular aircraft and by “Certificate of Conformance” No. 2021110188 that gives a permit for doing the aircraft maintenance work. 

The maintenance work for all Tu-204 modifications, An-124-100, Il-76TD and all small B-300 aircraft is accomplished by a workshop for airworthiness support in cooperation with other departments in charge of these activities. This workshop has highly qualified personnel, all the necessary equipment, tools and communication facilities.

This workshop is also in charge of all modification work according to bulletins, repairs; it accomplishes all type An-124 and Tu-204 modifications with participation of aircraft designers and  ”Aviastar-SP” departments.

The structure of the service

Shut down

See also:

  • AM and RC

    AM and RC ‘Aviaservice’ is a specially-oriented enterprise for all the works implementation in after-sailing period.


  • Guarntee service

    The Service of guarantee servece and exploitation of aviation equipment implements warranty maintenance of the Aviastar-SP airplanes .


  • Repair and spares

    ’Aviastar-SP’ in conjunction with AM and RC ‘Aviaservice’ performs repair and replacement work and spares delivery.


  • Improvement and modernization

    Improvements with the account of bulletins and developers’ design documentation are conducted for the purpose of support and improvement of the performance characteristics and…