Modifications and upgrading

Modifications according to bulletins, design documentation

Modifications according to bulletins, design documentation of designers are carried out to maintain and enhance the aircraft performance and operating characteristics, to improve reliability and to eliminate the design and production deficiencies of the aircraft in service.

For this purpose  “Aviastar-SP” in cooperation with AM and RC (Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center):

  • provides for systematic selection and processing of information on failures;
  • works out bulletins, technical assignments;
  • participates in the work done to assess the aircraft technical conditions in cooperation with the designers in order to prolong the assigned service lives (calendar ones-with storage lives exceeding 20 years; according to An-124-100 total flight hours (over 6000, 8000, 12000, 16000 flight hours);
  • manufactures and makes sets of aviation equipment for accomplishment of the bulletins, technical assignments;
  • carries out modifications according to bulletins aimed at rectification of the design and production deficiencies, at enhancement and upgrading of the aircraft design structure, at improvement of aircraft service lives over TUs (Technical Conditions) requirements;
  • carries out work to prolong the assigned service lives;
  • conducts planning, recording and inspection of the modifications done

The right to do this job is confirmed by certificates issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee. A great advantage of  “Aviastar-SP” lies in the fact that it has at its disposal big production areas equipped with on-ground inspection, servicing, calibration and testing equipment, special tools. Only a highly qualified personnel with respective work permits and able to ensure a high quality of modifications is permitted to do this work both in factory workshops and in aircraft maintenance depot base.  


”Aviastar-SP” is a holder of the aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” production technology. This aircraft belongs to the unique products of the domestic aircraft building. Initially it had been developed as a military transporter and it is still in demand for transportation of super heavy and long size bulky cargoes. In 2003 the production of An-124 “Ruslan” stopped, however its deep re-motorization and airworthiness support of its fleet in service of the Defense Ministry as well as its commercial use are still underway. All in all for the whole period of the existence of the Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex 36 An-124 aircraft have been manufactured.  
The Gosoboronzakaz is planning to complete modifications and to support the continuous airworthiness of more than 20 aircraft. Carrying out the modifications will happen simultaneously with the aircraft upgrading and further on it will be used within the aircraft An-124 various modifications production renewal program.
Upgrading aircraft An-124 to its An-124-100 version to comply with the ICAO requirements for perceivable noise, navigation accuracy etc. is being done in accordance with the documentation of the “ANTK im. Antonova”, the designer, and the service life extension programs.
Besides that, to support desires of the customers and to extend the possibilities of using aircraft An-124 in different missions (including transportation of humanitarian, non-military cargoes and cargoes outside Russia).
In accordance with the certificates available, “Aviastar-SP” together with AM and RC (Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center) carry out the aircraft upgrading work:

Upgrading An-124 to An-124-100 type structure

The main kinds of the work aimed at upgrading aircraft An-124-100 from its An-124 basic version:

  • installation of the upgraded A820M system derived from УВС А 821М to ensure flying in the PRNAV zonal navigation system;
  • installation of the upgraded A822-10M radar;
  • installation of multifunctional color ЖКИ indicators of МФИ on the pilot’s instrumental panel and at the navigator’s station;
  • additional installation of the GPS-GLONASS systems satellite navigation system receiver-indicators;
  • installation of the traffic collision avoidance system TCAS-2000 with “S”-mode transponder of not lower than level IV;
  • installation of ground proximity warning system in flight direction TTA-12;
  • installation of automatic portable emergency radio beacon APM-406П and emergency rescue radio beacon APM-406AC1;
  • installation of the upgraded БАСК-124-01 system;
  • installation of the upgraded БУПТ-124 aircraft braking system with reinforced main landing gear wheels;
  • installation of the БКО-5К oxygen equipment.

Upgrading An-124-100 to its type structure An-124-100-150

The type An-124-100-150 aircraft has a maximum payload 150 tons and increased takeoff weight 402 tons to significantly enhance the aircraft performance.



Following the desire of the customers, “Aviastar-SP” has a right to convert the Tu-204-100, a passenger aircraft with PS-90A engines, into the following modifications:  

Tu-204-120 Tu-204-120C Tu-204C Tu-204-300 Tu-204-100B Tu-204-100E
Passenger aircraft with Rolls-Royce RB/211-535E4 engines Aircraft Tu-204-120 cargo version with Rolls-Royce RB/211-535E4 engines Aircraft Tu-204-100 cargo version with PS-90A engines Passenger aircraft with PS-90A engines Upgraded passenger aircraft with PS-90A engines certified to the norms Passenger aircraft with PS-90A engines with “English cabin”

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  • AM and RC "Aviaservice"

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  • Guarntee service

    The Service of guarantee servece and exploitation of aviation equipment implements warranty maintenance of the Aviastar-SP airplanes.


  • Repair and spares

    «Aviastar-SP» in conjunction with AM and RC «Aviaservice» performs repair and replacement work and spares delivery.