Warranty Maintenance

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The Aircraft Warranty Maintenance Department of  “Aviastar-SP” accomplishes work on warranty maintenance of the aircraft produced by  “Aviastar-SP” in accordance with a relevant Sale-Purchase Contract in close cooperation with the suppliers of vendor components , Aircraft Designer and Federal Aviation Authorities of the Russian Federation assuming the general inspection of the aircraft warranty support quality.  
  The aircraft continuous airworthiness maintenance in the warranty period is carried out in accordance with a contract by the Aircraft Warranty Maintenance Department  warranty maintenance workshop team of the factory using a warranty kit.  
  The task of the Operator in the warranty period is to provide aircraft operation in accordance with the Aircraft Maintenance Manual , our task is to render the Operator as much help as possible to fulfill this task.  
  During the warranty period “Aviastar-SP” will render aircraft maintenance services to Operator. That would reduce Operator’s costs at the initial period of the technical maintenance.  
  At present, the aviation goods rotating pool is brought about in the factory. The pool contains a set of spare parts (aircraft Tu-204 and its modifications’ units, parts, fasteners of home production and vendor items) and is intended for prompt solving of “Aviastar-SP” aircraft airworthiness support problems in the after-sale period.  

Warranty maintenance 9 months prior to the start of service

  • Aviation goods reliability assessment based on the operation in service results
  • Forming lists according to the aircraft specification and taking into account the Operator’s requirements
    • Vendor items
    • Parts and assemblies produced by “Aviastar-SP”
    • Expendables for installing Vendor items and “Aviastar-SP” parts
    • Tools and testing - verification aids
  • Making set of standard material and procedure specifications adapted to a particular Operator

Warranty maintenance 3 months prior to the start of service

  • Forming information communications to the Operator
  • Making a warranty technical kit for the reserve storage
  • Forming a warranty maintenance team

Warranty maintenance since the start of service

  • Line and periodical maintenance
  • Hot link to the Operator
  • Repair of the failed Vendor components on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.
  • Development and supply of the damage and failure rectification documentation to the Operator
  • Elimination of malfunctions together with the Operator
  • Consulting the Operator on engineering and technical issues

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