Repair and spare parts

 “Aviastar-SP” together with  “Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center ( AM and RC ) “Aviaservice” accomplish repair and restoration work and deliver spare parts.

Delivery of spare parts

  To maintain the required level of airworthiness of the aircraft produced by  “Aviastar-SP” the necessary and abundant lists of spare parts and ground servicing equipment are formed.  “Aviastar-SP” assumes responsibility for compiling all kinds of such listings, as well as for supplying spares to the airline prior to the start of operation of the first aircraft, for replenishing the stock of spares and ground equipment during the aircraft whole life cycle.

Scopes, methods and rules of the carried out work are determined by:

— contract documentation, defining the mutual obligations of the parties;
— type operation and maintenance publications for the supplied aviation goods;
— general directive and standard-technical documentation (of the Civil Aviation state and a branch one)

Repair and restoration work

“Aviastar-SP” guarantees a prompt support of the Customer in the AOG situation. Availability of the production facility, of the “Tupolev” subsidiary, of a specialized team ensures quick and high quality aircraft entering in service.  
“Aviastar-SP” carries out repair and restoration work, technical maintenance and investigation of the aviation goods of its own production: units, assemblies in accordance with their technical specifications, design-, process- and standard documentation.  

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