Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice”

The Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice” is a 100% daughter company of  “Aviastar-SP”.

The Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice” is a specialized organization able to carry out all kinds of work during the after-sale period. Its potentialities are determined by the following factors:

  1. The Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice” is located on the territory of the factory and that allows when performing especially critical technological processes associated with reliability and flight safety to integrate into the “Aviastar-SP” main production, but the most important advantage  lies in the fact that the manufacturer’s spare parts are always nearby.
  2. The designers’ subsidiary companies: those of “Tupolev”, “Ilyushin”, “Antonov” work on the territory of the factory and that allows to solve all the problems emerging in the course of work within the framework of the after-sale product support in a quick and efficient way.
  3. Close to the factory there is the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation High School , where there is possible to provide theoretical training of the airlines engineers and technicians; as for practical training, it can be done in the ”Aviastar-SP” Training and Production Base  – The engineers and technicians of the airlines of Cuba, China and North Korea had been trained by the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice” instructors.

The Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Center “Aviaservice” has a well equipped technical base located on the territory of the “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny” international airport. It has certified specialists, all the necessary certificates issued by Aviation authorities of the Russian Federation, Cuba, Egypt acknowledging the right to provide all kinds of the after-sale support with regard to all the aircraft manufactured by “Aviastar-SP”, as well as to aircraft IL-76 and to small aircraft B-300. The managerial activities of the organization, the production technological preparation are provided on the basis of the up-to-date IT technologies.  

For the sake of information support the Information Analytical System of Aircraft Airworthiness Monitoring is currently being introduced. That would provide access for users to the operators support center resources, spare parts storage area, material procurement planning, maintenance schedule adaptation etc.

Mainstream activities for aircraft continuous airworthiness maintenance in after-sale period:

Shut down

  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance including aircraft constant monitoring by the designer and prompt information interaction between the Designer, the Supplier and the Operator also for taking urgent steps to prevent the discovered faults.
  • Carrying out maintenance work including that aimed at assessment of the aircraft status when performing heavy line maintenance checks and repairs.
  • Organization and management of work at Operators (trip teams, teams of specialists in the base airports).
  • Supplying aircraft Operators with spare parts, documentation and on-ground servicing aids on agreed terms.
  • Providing just in time accomplishment of modification work, aimed at continuous airworthiness maintenance, quality, cost efficiency and reliability enhancement.
  • Rendering prompt help to eliminate failures and faults in case of unplanned AOG delays.
  • Accomplishment of work associated with aircraft service life extension in cooperation with the designer.
  • Aircraft servicing with special gases (nitrogen, oxygen).
  • Charging aircraft fire extinguishers.
  • Repair of units with honeycomb fillers of  “Aviastar-SP” manufacture.
  • Fitting-riveting jobs during periodical checks and service life extension.
  • Interior components repair.
  • Painting aircraft and its components in a closed paint shop of  “Spectr-Avia”.
  • Training airlines engineers and technicians ii cooperation with the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation High School and Training Centers of the Designers.
  • Probation period for engineers and technicians of the airlines to get authorized for accomplishment of periodical line maintenance checks.

Certification and approval

The domain of  “Aviastar-SP” activities within the framework of the aircraft after-sale support is determined by respective licenses, certificates and decisions issued by the authorized certification bodies such as Russian Aeronautics Agency , State Service of Civil Aviation of Russian Federation , Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee .  

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