Short- middle range passenger aircraft МС-21

JSC «Aviastar-SP» specialists carry on active work on preparation of components for prospective middle range  passenger aircraft МС-21.
  This project, that is realized by UAC and Irkut Corporation, supported by Russian Federation government, must become a worthy alternative to foreign aircraft and provide the conquest of Russian aviation industry up to 10% of civil aviation technique market. JSC «Aviastar-SP» participation in the project МС-21 is determined by the approved scheme of the cooperation. The main components, produced by JSC «Aviastar-SP», are the following: centre-section and empennage assembling, doors, fuselage panels, Ф5 compartment, APU compartment, high quality  tubing manufacture and interior installation. In present days the plant technical equipment analysis is being carried out with the purpose to determinate the need in additional investments in technical development and production areas reconstruction. In august 2011 the contract between «Irkut» corporation and the «Tissen-Group» company (Germany) for working seats designing and manufacture at JSC «Aviastar-SP» on fuselage units (F5 and F6) and fuselage panels assembling was signed. This contract realization allows the organization of up-to-date assembling manufacture at JSC «Aviastar-SP» to the year 2014. At МС-21 manufacture the most up-to-date materials and technologies will be applied, composite materials will also be wildly presented. For realization of this task the project on up-to-date plant for manufacture of wing power elements and centre section made of black-reinforced plastic is realized in common with UAC and JSC «Aerocomposite» at JSC «Aviastar-SP».  

Development:  «Irkut» Corporation, ОКБ named after A.C. Yakovlev
Project development stage: Draft

Models and modifications

Aircraft family МС-21 include three models:

  • МС-21-200 with capacity 150 passengers
  • МС-21-300 with capacity 181 passengers
  • МС-21-400 with capacity 212 passengers

Note: capacity at one-class cabin lay-out, seat pitch is 32 inches.

МС-21 family allows airlines to optimize aircraft fleet according to dimensions as well as due to offer for each modifications line model, that differ by range in the range from basic (Basic) to increased (ER). Modifications can be changed according to requirements of the customer in any moment of the life cycle due to software readjustment.
Besides main modifications, МС-21-200LR with an increased  range in comparison with ER (for more than 1500 km) is in active developmental work. Cargo and administrative МС-21 variants are also being developed.
With the purpose of costs minimization a rational unification level in power plant, glider units, cockpit, aircraft systems structural schemes, accessories and installation technologies, maintenance methods and aids are provided in the aircraft family.
It is planned, that the first family aircraft will be МС-21-200.
First family МС-21 aircraft introduction into operation is planned in 2016.






wing span (m) 35,9 35,9 36,8
aircraft length (m)
35,9 41,5 46,7
aircraft height (m) 11,4 11,5 12,7
cargo compartment volume (m3) 37,4 53,3 70,1

                                                                      Main engine characteristics                                                                  

engines number    2

Mass characteristics

max takeoff mass (t)
67.600 76180 87230


cruise speed (M) 0,8
range with a useful load (km)     
5000 5500

Seats number

passenger seats at one-class layout
150 181 212
passenger seats at layout with increased density         
162 198 230

Competitive advantages

Innovation decisions introduction will provide МС-21 with the best technical characteristics among the aircraft of its class. Aircraft МС-21 will differ from the analogues by: empty aircraft decreased mass, provided with composite materials and prospective metal alloys in combination with airborne system of a new generation introduction; with more perfect aerodynamics; prospective engine usage.
These and other improvements allow essential fuel consumption in comparison with analogues. During МС-21 designing, a new client oriented approach to product development  is introduced. It provides potential Customers involvement into aircraft development process from early stages.
Due to increased fuselage МС-21 diameter airlines can choose optimal for them correlation «seat cushion width/ aisle width». Airlines, that specialize on airline transportation, can offer passengers a higher-class comfort. Charter operators and companies-discounters will get the opportunity due to a wide aisle to decrease the time of a turn in the airport. The fuselage big diameter will also allow luggage shelves and under-floor luggage compartments volume increase.
Family aircraft МС-21 will satisfy prospective requirements, restricting impact on the environment. It is determined, that the cumulative level of the perceivable noise measured in three points will have a reserve, as a minimum, 15 EPNdB related to the effective chapter 4 ИКАО. Engine emission characteristics must satisfy САЕР 6 ИКАО requirements with a reserve 50 %. МС-21 will throw out into atmosphere 15-25% CO2  less, counting on one passenger seat, than operated nowadays aircraft.
Maximum economical operation effectiveness, international certification in compliance with АРМАК, EASA, FAA requirements, provided individual logistic support and accompanying during the whole life cycle are to make the product attractive to Russian as well as to foreign airlines-operators.